Why Stage

Every Home is  a Stage.

Vacant or Occupied, Modern or heritage, Studio or Mansion, We stage every type of property.

Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs & budgets of each client.




What is Home Staging ?
The Art & Science of Preparing a home Objectively in the Shortest time for a Higher Value.

Appealing to a wide range of potential buyers – A Properly Staged Home maximizes the value of each showing by highlighting your property’s best features.


How does it work ?
Home buyers typically make a decision within the first few moments. They must envision themselves in their home, not your home. After all, a home has to appeal to the buyer’s dream of how they want to live.

Combining Furnishings, Lighting &décor to build an ambience .Home staging creates that compelling First impression to make a Property for – Buying/Selling/Renting


Is It Worth it ?
A professionally staged home or condo will show better than the competition and will usually sell faster than un-staged listings.

Showing your space at its sparkling best leads to upswing in market prices & offering. Going by Experience , a good staging job can increase a Properties value from 5-11% , yields better offers & beats competition.


Why Hire a Professional
We ensure all staging and customer service is accomplished at the highest level.

Staging is no job for an inexperienced eye. Its all about maximizing value of the investment. Our expert Stylists & Designers have the eye to cover all details of the property& lead to yield result.


Are we Diff from Realtors & Designers ?
We assist Realtors , Designers, Architects & Direct home owners for setting the stage for the romantic first date with the property. We create an Engaging Space- work around it from a market point of view , with proven design & merchandising techniques to make this happen.

The Focus is to assist you throughout the Property Presentation Process.




More questions?
We are happy to answer all of your staging/property styling enquiries. 
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